To put HerCurves into words is like trying to describe the beautiful moments reflected in a picture on a piece of paper— difficult yet achievable.  HerCurves was created to be the bridge over troubled waters; connecting young girls with millennial women who find beauty in every curve. Not just the curves of her figure (though this will be one focus) but the curves of life.


HerCurves acknowledges the strength, passion, and utter resilience it takes to live in today’s world as a curvy woman. We highlight locally, nationally and internationally celebrated women that are breaking barriers in a relatable way.

The women responsible for HerCurves foundation is the young and fabulous, Ms. Brittani H. As the founder, she reflects on her journey to this point.

“I remember what it was like to be a size 16 at the young age of 12.  The people seen on TV shows, in music videos, or even walking the halls of middle school, weren’t like me. Relatability is so pivotal to youth development but it is often unacknowledged. So although the TV and radio programming of the early 2000s was very different than today’s, one thing that remains consistent is that there is still a standard size of beauty.  Because I know there are girls who watch Love and Hip Hop or attend a Beyonce concert only to see a size 4 everywhere she turned. I knew there was a need to acknowledge this gap between unrealistic body types and a healthier body image and be that bridge.”

To clarify, HerCurves is more than just a plus size blog. There are curves on the road of life that impact us way deeper than the ones on our figures. So to anyone seeking refuge or a way to embrace her curves, this space is dedicated to you. By acknowledging those curves, we navigate life’s twists and turns and journey that much closer to our destination and that’s why we are here. I’ve arrived at my own rest stop and, while here, I’ve decided to pick up some kind spirits to take part in the journey with me. It’s HerCurves, her way! Welcome!  ~Brittani

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